Blood Moon–Lunar Eclipse

140415 Lunar Eclipse Composite 1a-small

I’m sure everyone has already had their fair dose of eclipse photos, but I thought I’d go ahead and subject you to yet another one!

We had brilliantly clear skies, though unseasonably cool after a strong front passed through on Sunday night. I stayed up late, until about three in the morning locally, to wait until the maximum total eclipse. I decided better than to stay up until the end of the eclipse—so what you see here is essentially the first half of it!

The first photo is of the full moon taken before the eclipse began, and then the progress over the next few hours. The final two images in the composite are both from totality: the first just as it was beginning and the last during its maximum, when it was in the midst of its deepest “blood moon” display.

Sunset Spectacular: Series

Sunset Series Apr 2014 1b-small

Well, it’s spring. And if you live where I do, that means wind—and DUST. Have I mentioned that I hate dust? There’s an overabundance of it this year, thanks to the long-term drought we’re experiencing in the region. I’m ready for some rain to put all this dust to rest, but I’m not holding on to a lot of hope right now.

BUT…one nice thing about dust is that it does contribute to our fantastic sunsets here. This week has provided a bounty of wonderfully colorful evenings. Each one of these sunset photos is from a different night, taken from around the same point of view. I was in a basement at a church during the sunset on the 3rd, so I completely missed that one. For all I know, it equaled these other evenings in spectacle. (I like to think it did, just to keep the trend unbroken!)

The final picture was taken on the evening of the 4th (along with the picture on its left), but it shows an interesting and fairly uncommon cloud formation: Kelvin-Helmoltz wave clouds. Its accompanying sunset photo, to me, looks a bit like the Great Red Spot on Jupiter. What do you think it looks like?

A Cat video guaranteed to make you laugh…

….Once you get that lump out of your throat!

Featuring Castor and Pollux, feline twins who provide many hours of general entertainment in our household.

Texas Gulf Coast and Hill Country: Image Gallery

Click on an image to view gallery!

I haven’t posted in a while, mostly because we’ve been in the midst of an ugly, dry winter and I haven’t been able to travel to someplace worth photographing. Until now! Here’s a sampling of some of the sights we saw on a recent trip down to the Gulf Coast, with a return through the Hill Country.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t really cooperative for great photography. There were clouds and haze along the coast (along with lovely drizzle!), making for mostly flat landscape images, and a cold front blew through on the return portion, bringing with it wind and cold nights (we were camping). That, and spring is a little delayed this year, probably because of the unusual cold snaps Texas has experienced this winter. So there wasn’t the wildflower bonanza we had hoped for, and the trees were still just starting to green.

Nonetheless, I was able to snap a few decent images of the early spring in Texas. Hope you enjoy!

Photos edited in Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.

Happy Hunting Grounds (Two Images)

Hawk on Fence

Hawk and Shadow

A few days ago I witnessed an explosion of doves, finches, and sparrows as they escaped in a frenzy from the feeders in our yard. I knew immediately that this meant a raptor must be in the vicinity. Sure enough, I could see the distinct shadow of a hawk on the back fence. I slowly drew near the window and saw it in full profile. I grabbed my good camera and snapped a few shots before it moved on to hunt on more promising terrain.

A few weeks ago I posted a video of a hawk munching on a bird after a successful hunt in our yard. Perhaps it’s the same predator, having returned to these happy hunting grounds?

Another Spectacular Sunset–Click to view gallery!

These photos are from the evening of January 31. Sunsets (and sunrises) are usually best here in the winter, and we’ve had a number of great shows so far this season. To make it even more spectacular, there were even iridescent clouds, which you can see in one of the images. I’m very grateful that I have the chance to enjoy such majestic events.

Our Tree is Blooming Cats…

Cats on a Cat Tree

We recently had a new cable put in for high-speed internet. In the aftermath, I was trying to find a reasonable set-up for the new equipment. In the process, I moved (one of) our cat tree(s) to a new location on the other side of the window it was already standing beside.

Now, a couple of our cats sometimes lie on one of our two cat trees, but it’s rare for more than one to be on a cat tree at any given time. But, by golly, move one to a slightly different location a few feet away, and suddenly it’s the most popular perch in the house! (We have four cats, so each was able to find a level to sit on. However, this hierarchy didn’t last long—a few seconds later there was swatting and rearranging of the posts.)


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